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Sunday 03 May 2015

Vineyard & Vine Nutrition V

Course Date

23rd June 2015


White Castle Vineyard, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny. NP7 8RA.

About the course

The course will be run by Chris Cooper, Chris is responsible for writing the UKVA Pesticides Booklet [green book]

Attendees should come away informed how different soils can affect the growth of vines and therefore the importance of site & rootstock selection. Attendees should gain a working knowledge of macro & micro nutrients, and how these effect vine growth & development, problems associated with limited or excess nutrients plus a guide on how other factors impact on vine growth & berry development.

This course is open to all even those who have a vine in their garden.

Course Title: Vine Nutrition

The course will address the following points:

  • What are you aiming to achieve with your vineyard?

  • Soil types and the effect on rootstock & training

  • Nutrient usage by the vine/plants

  • Typical deficiency symptoms

  • Identifying and rectifying the problem

  • New Technologies

Course Costs

The all-in cost of the day is £65.60…per person.

Payment by Cheque, made payable to   Village alive Trust and sent to Robb Merchant, White Castle Vineyard, Llanvetherine Abergavenny NP7 8RA


10.00AM             Meet at White Castle  Vineyard, Llanvetherine Abergavenny NP7 8RA

10.30-12.45        In the vineyard, to look at location, soils, planting, training and care

12.45-13.30        lunch
(Please indicate if any vegetarian/dietary requirements)

13.30 -15.30       Vine Nutrition          

Around 15.30       Finish